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Global presence,

international solutions

At Prodiel, we have branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, from where we reassert our leading position in developing and constructing renewable energy projects and facilities.



Prodiel has experienced a meteoric international expansion over the past few years.

It began its internationalisation in 2013 when it opened its first office outside Spain, in Chile.

At the current time, Prodiel is present on a permanent basis in 11 countries: Spain, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Kuwait and Guatemala.


Prodiel’s presence in Spain distributed between its headquarters in Seville, with a workforce of nearly 200 employees providing corporate support to the rest of the branches, and the project offices in Manresa, Granada, Malaga and Huelva.


Miguel Somé Domínguez. CEO

  • info@prodiel.com
  • +34 954 93 16 80


The Mexico branch was opened in 2016. Prodiel currently has two offices in Mexico, one in the capital providing corporate services and a project office in Torreón, which directs one of the globe’s largest photovoltaic projects.


Ramón Rico. Country Manager México


Breno Wottrich. Business Development Mexico

  • mexico@prodiel.com
  • +(52) 1 (55) 4163 9054


Prodiel’s branch in Colombia is one of the most consolidated branches of the company, and is the base for developing business opportunities for the Caribbean and Central America.

From its corporate office in Bogota, Prodiel provides services to large private customers in the renewable energy generation and electricity distribution sector. Prodiel Colombia is a managing member of the Colombian renewable energy association SER Colombia, and a member of its governing board. Prodiel is presently executing the construction of the first photovoltaic plant in the country, which is a hugely important achievement for the company.


Andrés Garrido.
Country Manager Colombia


Shirley Dayana Arjona.
Business Development Colombia

  • colombia@prodiel.com
  • +(57) 1508 7623


Through the new restructuring undergone by the energy sector, Brazil has become a strategic country for Prodiel in the region of Latin America.

The branch, located in Rio de Janeiro, gives support to the various projects which are being undertaken in the country. Prodiel currently has a workforce of nearly 400 people in Brazil.


Manuel Fernández. Country Manager Brasil


Ismael Martín. Business Development Manager Brasil

  • brasil@prodiel.com
  • +(55) 21 3500 1996


Prodiel’s presence in Chile goes back to 2013, when it became the first branch of Prodiel to open outside Spain. Since then, the branch has not stopped growing.

Prodiel has participated in the country’s large photovoltaic projects and we currently have very important power network maintenance and O&M projects.

It has offices in Santiago and Copiapó, as well as permanent O&M staff in several photovoltaic plants around the country.


Guillermo Hernández. Country Manager Chile/Peru/Argentina


Tomás Barria.
Business Development Chile

  • chile@prodiel.com
  • +(56) 2 3210 1843


Prodiel’s presence in Peru goes back to 2014. From its office in Lima, it serves the company’s power network maintenance and photovoltaic construction projects.

At present, the country has a permanent workforce of around 120 employees and a variable peak-period workforce that can rise to 300 employees.


Guillermo Hernández. Country Manager Chile/Peru/Argentina


Eduardo Oliva.
Business Development Peru

  • peru@prodiel.com
  • +(51) 1708 6880


Argentina is the latest international office to open. Prodiel has had a permanent presence in Argentina since 2017. This young branch has been launched with prospects based on the investment in renewable energies that the country will make in the next few years.


Guillermo Hernández. Country Manager Chile/Peru/Argentina


Juan Manuel Carbajosa García. Business Development Manager Argentina

  • argentina@prodiel.com
  • +(001) 2751 9046


Prodiel has had a permanent presence in Morocco since 2014. This is a strategic country for growth in countries from sub-Saharan Africa.

With the upcoming calls for bids regarding renewable energies and with the liberalisation of the MT, it is expected that there will be an increase in the growth of the photovoltaic plant development market which will benefit Prodiel’s business in Morocco.


Álvaro García. Corporate Business Development Officer (CBDO)


Nuno Manuel Carvalho De Oliveira.
Area Manager Africa

  • maroc@prodiel.com
  • +(34) 678 396 723


Prodiel has had a permanent presence in Kuwait since 2016. This branch signified Prodiel was entering a new continent and a strategic base for growth throughout the Middle East. This is a country with great potential for electrical infrastructures, with a budget of more than two billion dollars for the next few years.

The branch is developing several high voltage projects with a workforce that is already at around 25 people.


Álvaro García. Corporate Business Development Officer (CBDO)


Ignacio Diez de la Cortina. Business Development Director EMEA and Asia Pacific

  • kuwait@prodiel.com
  • +965 885 566 – 2408385


Australia, Japan and countries in Southeast Asia are the most recent region where Prodiel is developing its activities. The international opening of the electrical sectors and infrastructure, as well as the strong investment for the implementation of renewable energy sources, supposed great potential and projection of this market for years.


Álvaro García. Corporate Business Development Officer (CBDO)


Ismael Martín. Business Development Director Australia and Asia Pacific

  • australia@prodiel.com